BREAKING NEWS: Washington D.C. Under Suspected Hack Attacks

March 16, 2017Mar 16, 2017

Washington D.C. and surrounding areas in the U.S. are currently under suspicion of a huge cell phone hacking outbreak. Suspicions were raised when a monitoring program picked up questionable information.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that unusual cellular activity with a certain carrier (not revealed in the main source) has recently spiked, ‘raising red flags in the Department of Homeland Security’.

According to the article, it is possible that cell phones of civilians and government officials are being tracked.

The hackers have not been identified, but one possibility mentioned is a foreign nation.

Proper security of cellular networks have been an issue for years.

Below is an important statement from lawmakers that outlines more details on this terrifying situation:

"For several years, cyber security experts have repeatedly warned that U.S. cellular communications networks are vulnerable to surveillance by foreign governments, hackers, and criminals exploiting vulnerabilities in Signaling System 7. U.S. cellular phones can be tracked, tapped, and hacked—by adversaries thousands of miles away—through SS7-enabled surveillance. We are deeply concerned that the security of America’s telecommunications infrastructure is not getting the attention it deserves."

Hopefully, this mass hack attack will prompt cell phone carriers and DHS to take additional actions in ensuring proper security for cellular communications in the U.S.

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