BREAKING NEWS: Top Bin Laden aide surfaces.

December 10, 2015Dec 10, 2015

One of the terrorists the Obama administration ordered released from Guantanimo has suddenly surfaced—and guess what he is doing?

A key Bin Laden aide, Ibrahim al-Qosi, has now surfaced in Lebanon—as a key terrorist leader!

One of the platforms that Pres. Obama ran on was shutting down Guantanimo facilities where the Bush administration held terrorists.  He has had a hard time shutting it down, but a number of the prisoners who were there have been freed.

One of them was a top Bin Laden aide named Ibrahim al-Qosi.  He was released in 2012, despite a military prosecutor warning that he was a key aide to Osama Bin Laden.  Al-Qosi was described as a "high risk" and had reportedly been with Bin Laden on a number of occasions.

But our administration, over-ruling warnings, cut a deal and freed him.  He is now back as a key leader of a terror group in Yemen.

How many times will this happen before we realize—if we catch a terrorist—we should keep them locked up so they cannot go out and kill more innocent people?