BREAKING NEWS: Possible Evidence Discovered In O.J. Simpson Case

March 04, 2016Mar 04, 2016

In a bizarre set of circumstances, a knife has been discovered 22 years after the famous O.J. Simpson case after it was found buried on his property and kept as a souvenir for years.


According to CBS News, authorities are going to test the knife to see if it has any connection to the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in 1994. After very public trial that captured the attention of the nation for months following an equally famous car chase through the streets of Los Angeles, former football player O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of the stabbing deaths. At the time of the trial, the murder weapon had not been found.

The knife that was discovered on the O.J. Simpson's property was apparently found by a construction worker during the demolition of O.J.'s house in 1998. It was turned over to a retire police officer who kept it.

LAPD Captain Andy Neiman said, "According to him, he thought the case was closed, since the case was no longer being prosecuted — did not realize the legalities that a case like this remains open until there is a conviction."

According to the Los Angeles Times, attorney Dmitry Gorin said O.J. can't be tried for the same murder again without it being double jeopardy. The only exception is in federal court in very particular instances, but Gorin doesn't believe this case will match that criteria.

O.J. is currently in jail on a separate charge.