BREAKING NEWS: Navy SEAL To Get Medal Of Honor For Act Of Heroism

February 02, 2016Feb 02, 2016

The Navy Times has announced that SEAL Edward Byers will receive the Medal of Honor for a 2012 rescue mission involving an American hostage in Afghanistan.

While details of the rescue are shrouded in secrecy, civilian Dr. Dilip Joseph recounts his capture by Taliban during that time and how Navy SEALs used their own bodies as shields to protect him during a firefight.


A defense official commented, “There’s no margin of doubt or possibility of error in awarding this honor. [Byers] actions were so conspicuous in terms of bravery and self-sacrifice that they clearly distinguished him to be worthy of the award, including risk of his own life.”

The 36-year-old Toledo, Ohio native will be presented with the medal by President Obama at the White House Feb. 29.

According to the Navy Times, Byers will be the 11th living person to receive the Medal of Honor for actions in Afghanistan.