BREAKING NEWS: HUGE Turning Point In 'Jesus Lunch' Battle!

May 04, 2016May 04, 2016

Local moms in Middleton, Wisconsin have been in a battle with their school district over their use of a city park to provide home-cooked lunches for students and teach about Jesus. But that battle has just taken a major turn.


According to the Education Action Group, Middleton's school district has ended their lease of the park near the high school, effectively ending its conflict with the "Jesus Lunch" moms over the use of the land.

In recent days, the battle had gotten particularly heated with school officials trying to block the moms' entry into the park and a group of students protesting the lunches.

Middleton school superintendent Donald Johnson has now sent out an e-mail that says, “City attorney Matt Fleming has indicated that the city believes the District’s authority to enforce school rules in Fireman’s Park is questionable, and that the city has no interest in litigation to resolve the ambiguities in the language."

The resistance to the Jesus Lunch may not be over, though. The atheist Freedom From Religious Foundation plans to continue fighting because it believes the Gospel is being presented in too close of proximity to the high school.