BREAKING NEWS: Governor Of THIS Big State BOYCOTTS Mississippi!

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April 05, 2016Apr 05, 2016

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant today signed the oft-mischaracterized House Bill 1523, also known at the "Religious Freedom" bill, into law.


According to NBC News, the law allows businesses, state employees, and pastors, among others, to not be forced to provide services they have a religious objection to — the biggest example being providing services for same-sex weddings.

But now in response, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo just said on Twitter that "This law is a sad, hateful injustice against LGBT community & I will not allow any non-essential official travel to MS until it is repealed."

His boycott came on the tails of a similar call by Seattle mayor Ed Murray, who signed an executive order banning city workers for traveling to Mississippi on official business.

Murray commented, “Seattle will continue to speak out against injustice and stand with those who are fighting for equality. This debate is settled in America and yet we continue to see states roll back civil rights protections for LGBTQ people. We must not allow discrimination to divide our nation. We strengthen our union when all people are treated equitably.”