Breaking News: Dallas Police Searching For Active Shooter After Paramedic Has Been Shot

May 01, 2017May 01, 2017

A paramedic has been shot in Dallas after first responders were searching for a suspect in an "active shooter" scenario, according to Fox News

“There is another active shooter in Dallas. This time a fireman has been shot, and officers are pinned down by gunfire. Please pray!” the Dallas Police Association tweeted.

First responders were called to the scene for a possible suicidal male when they realized he had a rifle. 

The paramedic who was shot is now at the hospital, his condition is unknown at this time. Police are still searching for the shooter and have warned local residents to take cover. 

This story is still developing, check back for more details as they are released. 

Please join us in praying for the paramedic and his unknown condition and all those involved in the scary situation.

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