Breaking News: Active Shooter Reported in Major U.S. City

August 24, 2017Aug 24, 2017

UPDATE: 1:53 PM EST Reports of an ongoing situation. Police said negotiations with the suspect are underway.

According to CNN, police are working on an active shooter situation in Charleston, South Carolina. Officials are urging people to avoid the area between Calhoun and Morris due to an active shooter near the 400 block of King.

“Peter Siegert, 73, and his son Peter Siegert IV, 45, both of Maryland, were eating at Virginia's when two waitresses and three kitchen staff members marched through the restaurant and out the front door without saying anything,” according to a local news outlet in the area.

“Then an older black man wearing an apron, dressed like a kitchen staff member and holding a small caliber revolver walks to the front door and locks it and says ‘I am the new king of Charleston.’”

At this time, police are still working the scene. We will bring you more updates as they become available to us.

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