BREAKING: N.C. Governor Just Said What We're All Thinking About Obama Bathroom Edict!

May 13, 2016May 13, 2016

"In the dark of the night," as Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick just described it, the Obama Administration issued an edict late Thursday telling every public school in America that it must open up its bathrooms and locker rooms to males who "self-identify" as female. Just now, North Carolina's governor Patrick McCrory told the White House exactly what many conservatives and other common sense individuals are thinking.


According to The News & Observer reporter Colin Campbell, McCrory pointed out "This national bathroom, locker room, and shower policy for almost every business, university, and now K-12 school in our country changes generations of gender etiquette and privacy. Most Americans, including this governor, believe that government is searching for a solution to a problem that has not yet been defined."

He then wondered allowed why Obama is being allowed to do this without question, saying, "Both the federal courts and U.S. Congress must intercede to stop this massive executive branch overreach, which clearly oversteps constitutional authority. The executive branch does not have the authority to be the final arbiter."

McCrory concluded with a call to action, saying, "We all must work together to seek answers and common sense clarification."

Tell 'em, Pat!

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