BREAKING: More Soldiers Confirmed Dead At Fort Hood, Texas

June 03, 2016Jun 03, 2016

Tragedy struck Fort Hood Thursday as a 2 1/2-ton military vehicle overturned while crossing the swift, swollen waters of Owl Creek in Texas.


According to USA Today, the Army troop truck was crossing the creek as part of a routine training exercise, but rising floodwaters flipped it over, washing soldiers downstream as they fought to escape.

Three soldiers were initially rescued without serious injuries by soldiers in a nearby vehicle, according to CNN. Three more deceased soldiers were found soon later, and two more bodies were recovered late in the night. Searchers are still looking for four remaining soldiers.

Maj. Gen. John Uberti said prayers "will be needed in the tough days ahead."

It was a day of military tragedies and a near miss on the homeland as a Blue Angel pilot died after crashing in Smyrna, Tennessee while practicing for this weekend's aerial performance. Less than an hour earlier, a Thunderbirds pilot ejected right after a flyover at an Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in Colorado Springs. The pilot landed without injury, according to Air Force Times.

Please pray for the Fort Hood rescuers, any possible survivors, and the families and friends of those lost.