Breaking: Missing Child Found

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March 14, 2017Mar 14, 2017

Elisa Salmeron, 9 years old, was reported missing Monday evening around 9:30 PM after her family asked her to take out the trash.

After the little girl went outside, she never returned back to the house.

She was later caught on security footage from a local train station around 11:30 PM, carrying a rolling suitcase and purchasing a ticket with people whom Elisa’s family did not recognize.

The police initially requested ‘the public’s eye’ in finding Elisa:

“She is about four feet tall and was last seen wearing a purple jacket, a t-shirt with the words 'free hugs' and white pajama bottoms with candy cane hearts.” (KTVB)

Thankfully, she returned home safely Tuesday afternoon after being found in an abandoned house with three other children.

Praise God for bringing this young girl back home!

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