BREAKING: Methodist Church Just Made A HUGE COUNTER-CULTURAL Decision; Graham RESPONDS

May 01, 2017May 01, 2017

In an exceptionally bold move, the United Methodist Church cast down political correctness for reverence of God's Word. The 3rd largest denomination had been in a bitter battle over a gay bishop's ordination last year. 

Shocking to many, Bishop Karen P. Oliveto (a woman who is married to another woman) was ordained unanimously by her district last July. The church’s South Central Jurisdiction, which includes eight states from Nebraska to Texas, then formally contested her election, claiming it was in direct violation of God's Word.

Then ensued a bitter battle, with some 150 gay clergy fighting for Oliveto and the denomination's acceptance of homosexuality. In a culture that is increasingly permissive of homosexuality and loose on the authority of scripture, this battle threatened to split the United Methodist Church.

However, despite intense cultural pressure and even the threat of many leaving the denomination (and withdrawing their funds), the council just released their bold majority vote to negate the election of the gay bishop. 

Here, Franklin Graham heavily applauds the decision and explains why it is so important to rule in favor of God (and against culture) on this divisive issue. 



It is not yet clear what the denomination will do with Bishop Oliveto, as their formal statement is that she is still in "good standing," shares the New York Times.

This is obviously confusing and will need to be sorted out properly. What do you think of this intense schism of homosexuality being accepted in the Church?

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