Breaking: Massive Camden Lock Market Fire Breaks Out in Popular London Hangout

July 09, 2017Jul 09, 2017

A major fire has broken out at a building in Camden Lock Market in London, shooting flames high into the sky.

Eight fire engines, an aerial ladder, and about 60 firefighters were initially sent to the area after the first emergency call just before midnight on Sunday, London Fire Brigade said. However, this was quickly increased to 10 fire engines and 70 firefighters.

They are warning the public to avoid the area.

“The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors, plus the roof, of a building within the market are alight," it tweeted.

An eye-witness, Joan Ribes, 24, said she had called the police, urging them to close a nearby street to traffic "because it was very dangerous"

"The fire was flying through the air to the surrounding areas," she said.

"The fire was moving very fast. People were watching, but we were scared the building could explode at any time since there are restaurants with kitchens nearby."

Numerous photographs on social media showed the fire was bursting with the flames towering high above the buildings.

There has been no information about the cause of the fire or injuries at this time. 

The open-air Camden Market, near central London, is a very popular tourist attraction.