BREAKING: Massachusetts Ready To Put MASSIVE New Bathroom Bill Into Law

June 01, 2016Jun 01, 2016

The governor of Massachusetts is ready to sign a far-reaching new bathroom bill into law after both the House and the Senate passed similar versions of it.


As opponents protested outside shouting "Shame on you!" the House voted to allow people to use any public restroom that fits their self-identified "gender identity" regardless of their biological sex, according to the Boston Globe. And this doesn't just apply to public parks and government facilities.

In move similar to Washington state's new law, Massachusetts' law would also open up all the bathrooms and locker rooms in all stores, restaurants, libraries, schools, and other public places to, essentially, anyone.

The Massachusetts Family Institute has been battling the bill, calling it "one of the worst pieces of legislation" and criticizing the fact that the public was only given one hour today to comment on it.