BREAKING: Heidi Cruz Finally Responds To Ted Cruz Affairs Rumors

April 13, 2016Apr 13, 2016

After the National Enquirer came out with a story about Ted Cruz having multiple affairs, Heidi Cruz knew exactly where to cast the blame: Donald Trump. In an exclusive interview with Fox's Megyn Kelly, Heidi Cruz opens up about how the story affected her and who is at fault.


“It’s garbage. It’s just garbage,” she said. “This is another example of Donald Trump engaging in the politics of personal destruction, using his henchmen to go out and try to destroy others when he is losing. And I think these silly barbs and made up stories did not come out earlier in the campaign because he felt he was doing ok.”

When Kelly pointed out that Trump claimed he had nothing to do with it, Mrs. Cruz said she didn't believe it. “Well, I have no doubt these things are made up in a certain place for a certain reason,” she said.

Heidi Cruz shared that she thinks Trump timed it just when he was feeling vulnerable, before Cruz had a sweeping victory in Utah. She told Kelly that she and her husband and staff don't talk about the rumors much because they have many more states to focus on.

What do you think about the rumors? Do you think the Trump campaign planted the story, as Heidi Cruz believes? Or do you think it came from somewhere else?