BREAKING: FOX, ABC, NBC Declare Republican Winner In Indiana Primary!

May 03, 2016May 03, 2016

UPDATED AT 6:50 P.M. CENTRAL — Vote count updated.

That was quick. In an Indiana primary race that Ted Cruz has considered critical in his fight to keep enough delegates away from Donald Trump, several media outlets have already declared a winner.


Fox News, ABC News, and NBC News have all declared Trump the projected victor with 27% of votes counted.

According to the New York Times, Trump currently has 53% of the voters, Cruz has 36%, and John Kasich has 8%.

According to The Washington Post, a Trump win in Indiana won't give him enough delegates yet to secure the 1,237 he wants for the convention, but it's a massive victory for him with more primaries ahead.

On the Democrat side, with 28% of votes counted, Bernie Sanders had a small lead over Hillary Clinton with 51% to 49%.