BREAKING: Family Advocates LAUNCH Aggressive Campaign AGAINST Target!

May 16, 2016May 16, 2016

Target sparked a massive outcry recently when it released its transgender policy that allows any customer or employee to use the restroom or fitting room that corresponds with their self-determined "gender identity" even if it doesn't match their biological sex. More than 1.2 million people have signed a "Boycott Target Pledge," with many voicing concern over the safety of women and girls since men won't even be questioned about their "gender identity" if they're walking into a women's facility.

Now, according to CBS Minnesota, pro-life group LifeSiteNews and the Child Protection League have joined forces with a new campaign to expose the dangers of Target's policy.


The family advocacy groups first sought to purchase billboards for their "Flush Target" campaign, but no billboard company in the state of Minnesota — where Target is headquartered — would accept their business. Instead, they've put their message on the side of a truck and are about to start touring the state with it, parking it at every Target location in Minnesota.

Julie Quist of the Child Protection League said, “The goal of our campaign is to message Target shoppers around Minnesota: Stay away from Target. Send Target a message. Don’t shop where women and children’s emotional and physical safety and privacy are under assault.”

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