BREAKING: Bloomberg Makes Shocking Announcement About 3rd Party Presidential Run

March 07, 2016Mar 07, 2016

It has been rumored for weeks that Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, was seriously considering a third party run for US President. Bloomberg is worth in excess of $35 billion and could easily self-fund a race.


He was formerly a Republican but switched to being an independent; Bloomberg is pro-choice and in favor of strong gun control. He could pose a formidable challenge and would take votes both from Democrats and Republicans.

It has been widely expected he could run. Today, he announced his decision — not to run!

In an article published in his Bloomberg News, he said he had carefully looked at the landscape and decided that, if he were to run, he could actually deliver the election to either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. He said that, even though he might win some states, he would be likely to take votes away from the Democratic party and end up giving the election to Trump or Cruz, both of whom he disagrees with.

So, in this year of the unexpected, Mayor Bloomberg has done the unexpected and decided not to run.