Break A Crayon? This Dad Figured Out What To Do With It

September 13, 2015Sep 13, 2015

Ever wonder what happens to the leftover crayons at schools and restaurants? No, me neither, but one dad did and decided to make use out of waste.


According to Boredpanda, Bryan Ware of San Francisco collects them, melts them, and reshapes them for children at hospitals.

Ware sorts the crayons by colors (otherwise he'd be giving sick kids 30 variations of brown), melts them down in pots on electric burners (making sure to stir), pours the resulting goo into his custom crayon molds, reboxes them, and delivers them to hospitals.

He leaves off the paper wrappers but makes the crayons thicker than usual to allow them to be more easily gripped.

“If these crayons give (kids) an escape from that hospital room for ten minutes, we did our job,” Ware said.

According to his organization The Crayon Initiative's website, "Art helps hospitalized children by alleviating anxiety, providing psychological support, and offering creative outlets for self-expression. Childrens’ arts programs also enhance problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and promote creativity and imagination. Children can escape into a world of fantasy penned by their own imagination just by using crayons."