Family of Famous Model Found Dead in Ocean Deny Claims She Died Trying to Save Dogs

May 02, 2019May 02, 2019

A sad story was recently. Reported last week after a model tragically died. It happened off the coats of a beach in Sao Paulo.

According to reports, Caroline Bittencourt lost her life after growing in the ocean. She was only 37-years-old at the time of her passing.

"According to Brazilian outlet Globo, the model jumped off a catamaran to attempt to rescue her dogs, who had fallen out of the boat. Bittencourt's father-in-law, Alfredo Sestini, told the outlet that the model's husband, Jorge Sestini, then jumped into the ocean to attempt to rescue her. He was rescued himself hours later," wrote Fox.

Crews worked to find her after she went under for the final time. Her body was found late in the day on Monday. Her daughter posted a touching tribute on social media about the incident.

“We are grateful for the support and affectionate messages we have received from Carol’s friends and fans," Bittencourt's daughter, Isabelle Bittencourt, shared on Instagram. "This energy drive fills our hearts with so much love."

Carolin's husband was tragically unsuccessful as he tried rescuing his bride. He was unable to pull her from the water. However, things have now taken an unexpected turn. Caroline's family is denying the claims that their daughter died saving the dogs. They say it was simply an accident and they don't like the false claims online that she was trying to save her dogs.

“It was nothing more than an accident caused by the storm itself, which hit the coast of Sao Paulo on Sunday,” the 37-year-old’s father, Orley Bittencourt, said in an interview with TV Band News on Monday, as reported by The Sun. "The claims are untrue and inaccurate, and I would ask people to listen to the facts,” he continued.

He continued with more details in another interview.

“[Her husband] Jorge [Sestini] told me a wave hit the sides of the boat and the strength of that and strong winds unbalanced Carol and she fell into the water," he told the outlet. "Jorge jumped in to help her. He wasn’t able to throw a float or anything towards her because the distance between them was great because the currents took her quickly."

Some made fun of the situation online due to the original headline. It makes sense that the family would want to clear their daughter's name. Please join us in praying for this poor family as they endure this tragedy. We pray God's peace comforts them as they grow in their faith.

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