Horrible: At Least 10 People Dead After Flash Floods Rush Through Streets

April 10, 2019Apr 10, 2019

Some horrible news was just reported out of Rio de Janeiro. According to the latest reports, at least ten people were killed as a result of heavy rains. 

According to ABC News, heavy flooding caused immense destruction throughout the city on Monday evening and Tuesday morning. As the water swept through the streets, cars and trees went with it. 

Mayor Marcelo Crivella said that the city was in "crisis" mode, even after the rain had let up on Tuesday evening. Due to the dangerous nature of the flooding, schools were closed and people were encouraged to stay indoors. 

While several areas of the city were given emergency instructions, ABC noted that no sirens went off in the Babilonia slum, due to the fact that the water had not reached the "minimum threshold to activate the alarms." Sadly, at least two people ended up dying in that area. 

BBC reported that over 5,000 people were working to help minimize the problems caused by the flooding. 

Below are some more of the photos from the flooding:

Please be praying for everyone involved in these horrible floods. Share your prayers here. In other recent news, America's most famous game show contestant just passed away. Do you remember the major scandal he was a part of?

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