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Cannabidiol, or CBD, has become increasingly popular over the recent years — especially now that people are looking to holistic and all-natural remedies more than ever before.

One thing CBD is said to help with is pain. Pain.

That’s where CBD gummies come in.

These chewables are delicious and have tons of benefits. They can help relieve sore muscles, reduce inflammation, and provide overall pain relief.

There are so many brands out there that it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you.

We decided to do the heavy lifting, and have found the best CBD gums on the market.

  1. Best Overall CBD Gummy to Help with Pain: FOCL Premium CBD Gums
  2. Best Anti-Inflammatory CBD Gummy: The CBDfx CBD Gummies With Turmeric and Spirulina
  3. Best Gummies for Inflammation: CBDistillery Full – Spectrum CBD Gummies
  4. Best Tasting CBD Gummies: Extract Labs Full Spectrum CBD Gummies
  5. Green Roads Extra Strength CBD Relax Bears are the best for joint pain
  6. Best Natural CBD Gummy to Help with Pain: Zatural CBD Gums
  7. Koi CBD Complete Full-Spectrum Cannabis Gummies are the Best for Recovery
  8. Best Vegan Gummies to Help Pain: Cheef Botanicals Vegan CBD Gummies
  9. JustCBD Vegan CBD Gummies are the Best CBD Gummies for Pain
  10. Best Vegan Gummies For Pain: Pure Spectrum CBD Gummies

Best CBD Gummies to Help With Pain

1. Best Overall CBD Gummy to Help with Pain: FOCL Premium CBD Gums


FOCL CBD Gummies come in three delicious flavors. They provide pain relief and relaxation wherever and whenever you need it. Each gummy contains 25mg premium CBD, which may ease aches and discomforts, calm the mind, and help you fall asleep faster.


  • 25mg of broad spectrum hemp extract per gummy
  • Zero THC
  • Made in the USA from organic ingredients
  • Three fruity flavors: Sour Watermelon and Tropical Punch, as well as Mandarin Orange and Mandarin Orange
  • Non-GMO, Vegan, cruelty-free
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  • 2.5 mg of cane sugar per gummy

Made with premium broad-spectrum CBD, these gummies not only provide all the benefits of CBD, but also the benefits of minor cannabinoids including CBC — which is linked to inflammation and pain relief — and CBN — which may promote better sleep.

The results of extensive third-party testing can be accessed publicly to learn more about the gummies’ contents. The certificate of analysis certifies that the gummies are free of pesticides, heavy metallics, microbials and mycotoxins.

GMP-certified, made in the USA from organic ingredients, these gummies are non-GMO, THC, and cruelty free. They are soft and pleasant tasting and have a great taste.

It’s amazing!

2. Best Anti-Inflammatory CBD Gummy: The CBDfx CBD Gummies With Turmeric and Spirulina


CBDfx’s gummies contain 50mg of CBD, which is organically grown and broad-spectrum CBD. They also contain two superfoods, spirulina, and turmeric, which are rich in antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory properties.


  • 50mg of broad spectrum CBD per serving
  • Superfoods rich in antioxidants and antiinflammatory properties
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Vegan and gluten free
  • Non-detectable levels THC
  • Independently tested for purity and potency
  • 60-day guarantee


  • Some people may find the aftertaste a little too strong.

The gummies can be eaten vegan and are made from all-natural ingredients. They contain no artificial sweeteners or flavors, as well as no animal gelatin or filler ingredient. They are made with organic agave, organic sugar cane, and organic pectin to provide a natural sweetness and pleasing texture.

By using broad-spectrum CBD, each gummy provides all the potential pain-relieving and other benefits of additional cannabinoids and terpenes, all with considerably less than 0.3% of THC, so you won’t have to worry about the gummies making you high.

The hemp used for all of CBDfx products — including these gummies — is grown organically in a USA farm, meaning you get high levels of vitamins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. We have verified that the gummies do not contain harmful chemicals, microbes, toxins, and we checked the third-party results.

It’s amazing!

3. Best Gummies to Inflame: CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Gummies


The full-spectrum CBD gummies CBDistillery come in a strawberry flavor and light sugar coating. This makes your daily CBD pain relief even more delicious. Each 30 gummy contains a pre-measured portion of CBD, which can help with everyday aches.


  • 30mg full-spectrum CBD per gummy
  • Hemp grown in the USA
  • Natural, vegan ingredients
  • Enhanced Terpene Profile
  • Third-party lab testing
  • Subscription includes free shipping


  • Gummy texture is not as pleasant with other brands

The CBD gummies are made with natural and vegan-friendly ingredients and contain full-spectrum CBD, which means that minor cannabinoids and terpenes combine with CBD to enhance product potency in what is known as the “entourage” effect.

Full-spectrum also means there will be trace amounts THC in the gummies. If you’re worried about how long this may stay in your system, CBDistillery also has a range of delicious flavors in their broad-spectrum and CBD isolate gummies, which contain 0% THC.

The CBD gummies, like all CBDistillery products are thoroughly tested by third parties. You can see the results on the product page or scan the QR code on packaging to view them. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can take advantage of the 60-day money-back guarantee.

It’s amazing!

4. Best Tasting CBD Gummies: Extract Labs Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Extract Labs

Extract Labs Full-Spectrum CBD gummies will ease your joint pains and muscle soreness and increase your overall sense of well-being. One gummy contains 33mg CBD, which can help improve mobility, pain relief, and inflammation.


  • 33mg full-spectrum CBD per gummy
  • Assortment with delicious flavors
  • Organic certified ingredients
  • No artificial colors, flavors or fragrances
  • Third-party lab testing
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  • Packaged in the exact same facility as other allergens

These gummies are truly a treat for your tastebuds. They have a light coating of sugar and come in three fruity varieties: lemonade, orange cream, and mixed berries — all without artificial colors or flavorings.

All hemp plant material is sourced directly from sustainable farmers in America. The plant matter used in extraction is entirely composed of aerial parts. For better quality and greater potency CBD products, the flower contains the highest concentrations cannabinoids, terpenes and other plant matter.

The entire CBD product line from Extract Labs is third-party tested to verify purity and potency, as well as ensure they’re free of pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals.

It’s amazing!

5. Green Roads Extra Strength CBD Relax Bears are the best for joint pain

Green Roads

Green Roads claims that the Relax Bears can help you release stressors from the day. With 35mg of CBD isolate per chew, they may also help to relieve aches and pains as well as tighten your joints.


  • 25mg CBD per gummy
  • Each box contains a wide range of flavors
  • Zero THC
  • Independently lab tested
  • Pharmacist-formulated
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  • Gummies can have artificial colors and flavors

While it’s slightly disappointing that some artificial flavors are used, there is no denying that the sweet and sour gummies are delicious. Each box contains 30 gummies. There are a variety of fruit flavors in each box: orange, blue raspberry and lemon.

If you’re just starting out using CBD to help manage your pain, you may want to try the normal strength CBD Relax Bears from Green Roads, which have just 10mg of CBD per gummy. This will allow you to determine the amount of CBD you need to achieve your desired effect.

No matter what concentration you choose, the gummies are doctor-formulated. Every batch of CBD-infused gummies is independently tested. The certificate of analysis proves that the gummies contain the advertised CBD dosage, and that each batch has passed for filth (pesticide, heavy metals), mycotoxins, microbials and residual solvents.

It’s amazing!

6. Best Natural CBD Gummy to Help with Pain: Zatural CBD Gums


The Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies, made from all-natural ingredients and CBD from organically grown hemp, are completely free from artificial colors and flavors. Each gummy contains 20mg full-spectrum CBD per gummy. This allows you to reap the benefits of the hemp plants with only 0.3% THC.


  • 20mg full-spectrum CBD per gummy
  • Vegan-friendly and all-natural ingredients
  • Third-party lab testing
  • Hemp grown organically
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These natural berry-flavored gummies can be taken anytime you need them.

Zatural extracts CBD using CO2 extraction in order to preserve its potency. Third-party testing proves that the gummies have no pesticides or residual solvents.

It’s amazing!

7. Koi CBD Complete Full-Spectrum Cannabis Gummies are the Best for Recovery


The Complete Full-Spectrum Gummies (Koi CBD) are a good option for anyone looking for something stronger to help with serious post-workout pains.


  • 25mg CBD per gummy
  • A wide range of fruity flavors
  • All natural ingredients
  • Independently lab tested
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  • Some may find the dose too high

Each gummy has 25mg of CBD and 5mg of Delta-9 CBD. Gummies can be used to promote relaxation, anxiety, and sleep.

The gummies are made of hemp grown and extracted in America and come in three tempting flavors: grape, pineapple and pomegranate.

Every Koi CBD product is third-party lab-tested to ensure its potency and purity. All products are subject to multiple tests during manufacturing. The test results of Koi CBD are made transparent so that everyone can see them.

It’s amazing!

8. Best Vegan Gummies to Help Pain: Cheef Botanicals Vegan CBD Gummies

Cheef Botanicals

If you adhere to a strict vegan diet, you’ll have no concerns about breaking it with the vegan CBD Gummies from Cheef Botanicals. These gummies don’t contain any animal gelatin or byproducts, instead using a plant-based gelatin, which reduces the consumption of animal products without sacrificing a pleasant texture.


  • Available in several potencies
  • No artificial colors, flavors or fragrances
  • Different fruit flavors
  • Cruelty-free
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Subscribe to Save 25%


  • It is slightly more expensive than other brands, especially for a one-time order

Several CBD potencies are available — 10mg, 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg per gummy — meaning with Cheef Botanicals you can address minor issues up to more significant pain in the short-term until you can visit your doctor.

You can check the certificate of analysis for third party testing to verify the potencies. We checked the gummies for safety, potency, purity. The results also confirm that CBD is full-spectrum. This means you get the added benefits of minor cannabinoids as well as terpenes.

Gummies are 100% natural and organic, with no artificial colors or flavors. They are sweetened by organic brown rice syrup or organic cane sugar and come in a variety fruity flavors.

It’s amazing!

9. JustCBD Vegan CBD Gummies are the Best CBD Gummies for Pain


JustCBD strives for the best quality products at affordable prices. They have Vegan CBD Gummies to prove it. They are made with 100% pure fruit to provide a natural flavor and natural color.


  • 10mg CBD per bear
  • Non GMO
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Vegan
  • Affordable
  • Available in 5 great flavours


  • Taste isn’t as punchy as with some other CBD gummies

The smaller dose of 10mg per CBD gummy bear makes these a good option if you’ve never taken a CBD edible before — or for helping with minor joint discomfort or muscle pain.

These gummies can be eaten by most diets as they are gluten-free and gelatin-free. Five unique flavors are available: strawberry champagne, exotic fruit and mixed berries. This will satisfy the majority of taste buds.

It’s amazing!

10. Best Vegan Gummies For Pain: Pure Spectrum CBD Gummies

Pure Spectrum

Pure Spectrum is committed in crafting high-quality hemp products. Their products are created in Colorado’s Evergreen mountains. Each batch goes through third-party testing, so you can be sure that each bottle is THC free.


  • Extensive testing by third parties
  • Save 15% on your subscription and receive free delivery
  • THC-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • All-natural ingredients
  • 25mg


  • There are no other options

You can purchase either the 60– or 30–count bottle of gummies. Each bottle contains 1500mg cannabis and is vegan-friendly, THC-free, and made with only natural ingredients.

A great thing about this product is the variety of flavors it comes with. Each bottle includes gummies in a variety flavors including mango, green apple and watermelon.

It’s amazing!

How we chose our top 10 CBD Gummies for pain

We researched dozens CBD brands to ensure that every CBD gum on our list met all our criteria for ingredient quality, brand reputation, customer satisfaction and transparency.

CBD Quality

Only the highest quality hemp plants produce the best cannabinoids. We favored domestic producers who use organic farming methods. This ensures that extracted hemp oil and cannabinoids are free from pesticides and herbicides.

The quality of a product can also be affected by the CBD extraction method. There are two main methods for extracting CBD: solvent extraction and CO2. We prefer brands that use CO2 extraction because solvent extraction can result in propane, butane or other solvent residues remaining within the hemp oil.

The CO2 method extracts CBD in a CO2 chamber at high pressure. This is a more efficient extraction process. There will be no contaminants in the hemp oils, and the CBD yield will also be higher than solvent extraction.

Flavor Profile

Some people don’t appreciate the earthy aftertaste of CBD oils and tinctures, which leads them to favor gummies hoping for something more palatable. So our readers wouldn’t be disappointed, we made sure that each gummy on our list had a tasty flavor profile with no unpleasant aftertaste.

Brands scored better if the gummy’s feature no artificial colors or flavorings, with extra points for all organic ingredients, reducing the chances of allergic reactions or food hypersensitivity.

Third-Party Testing

Every CBD brand must give its customers confidence that its products can be consumed safely. This means that customers can access third-party lab results on their website or via a QR code printed on the product packaging.

The independent testing certificate should confirm that:

  • The CBD potency is exactly as advertised
  • The maximum amount of THC in hemp plants is 0.3%.
  • The gummies are completely free from contaminants and toxins such as solvents and pesticides, heavy metallics, and potentially dangerous microbes.

Reputation of a Brand

No matter how good a CBD gummy seems, it should be viewed with caution if the brand doesn’t have a good reputation. These are indicators that a brand is trustworthy:

  • Verifiable support for organic and natural, cruelty-free, non-GMO, etc. Claims
  • No unsupported claims regarding health or the addition to ingredients that aren’t backed up by evidence
  • Verified customer reviews show that the gummies were well received by users and had a significant impact on their pain levels.

How to Choose CBD Gummies For Pain

You should always conduct research before trying out any new health product, and that’s no different when it comes to CBD gummies.

A good thing to keep in mind is that you’re looking for high-quality products who go through third-party testing to ensure that every bottle they offer is safe for you to use.

Who should take CBD Gummies for Pain?

Since the research surrounding CBD is still being conducted, there’s not conclusive evidence on exactly who should take CBD — although there are tons of people who have said that it’s definitely helped relieve their pain.

Daniel Clauw M.D., director at the Chronic Pain and Fatigue research Center, gave an interview to NPR. He discussed guidelines for patients with arthritis about how CBD can be added into their treatment.

Can I Take CBD to Treat Pain During Pregnancy?

The FDA and doctors advise women not to use CBD or any other cannabinoid product during pregnancy. The main reason for this is that during pregnancy, CBD can affect female hormones — particularly estrogen — which is key in maintaining reproductive health.

Although current research is far from conclusive, for the same reason, it’s recommended women avoid CBD gummies and other products while taking estrogen-based contraceptive pills.

Moderate modulation of the Endocannabinoid System can be beneficial for hormonal balance. However, CBD taken while pregnant, nursing, or undergoing contraceptive treatment may disrupt hormonal balance.

How to take CBD Gummies for the first time

If you’ve never taken CBD before, it’s a good idea to start with the lowest dosage and work your way up over time.

Also keep in mind that CBD gummies take up to 2 hours to begin working, so don’t just take more if you haven’t felt any effects within a few minutes — you need to give it time!

If you’re used to taking oils, it’s important to note that the CBD in gummies and capsules can take a little longer to absorb than oil as it has to pass through the digestive system before being absorbed into the blood.

Gummies and capsules should not be eaten on an empty stomach. They should be consumed at least an hour before bedtime to ensure faster absorption.

Different types of CBD

CBD products can contain one or more of the following:

  • Full Spectrum CBDIt contains CBD and all other phytochemicals from the cannabis plant, including various cannabinoids and terpenes. There is also a trace amount THC (upto 0.3%), the psychoactive compound.
  • Broad Spectrum CBD:It contains CBD and all other phytochemicals. However, it does not contain any THC.
  • CBD Isolate:It contains CBD only.

Other CBD Products that can help with pain and inflammation

CBD gummies are a good choice if you’re not fond of the earthy aftertaste you sometimes get with CBD products. Plus, they have the added convenience of knowing exactly how much CBD you’re getting with a specific dosage infused into each gummy.

Gummies are not the only CBD product that can ease pain and inflammation. You might also consider CBD oils and Tinctures, nasal sprays and capsules as well as topical formulation and e-liquids.

CBD Oil and Tinctures for Pain

If you’re looking for fast relief, CBD oils or tinctures may have the advantage over CBD gummies. CBD oils are more absorbable than other edibles or gummies because it enters directly into the bloodstream via the blood vessels below the tongue, rather than having to go through the digestive tract first.

Topical CBD Pain Relief

CBD creams and balms can provide pain relief for specific areas. This is great for muscle strains or pains after a workout. CBD is absorbed directly through skin, which allows for greater local bioavailability. This means you get relief exactly where it is needed.

CBD creams interact with the cannabinoid receptors on the skin’s surface. This can help to ease sore muscles and tighten joints naturally, speed up recovery times, and promote healthy skin.

Topical CBD treatments typically take between 10 to 20 minutes before the effects kick-in and can last for several hours. CBD creams can be reapplied as often as necessary. The best results are usually seen when applied to the affected area three to five times per day.


What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol is one of the many compounds found within the hemp plant. It is also known as cannabinoids.

Are CBD gummies going to make me feel high?

CBD gummies won’t make you feel high. THC is the compound in hemp that makes you feel high, and although products with full-spectrum CBD will contain trace amounts of THC, CBD counteracts its effects, so you won’t get high.

Are CBD gummies good to treat back pain?

Yes, CBD gummies can be used to relieve back pain.

What does CBD gummies do for pain relief?

One study showed that CBD could be used to treat a variety pain conditions, including cancer, neuropathic pain, and fibromyalgia.

Researchers have also said that CBD helps pain by interacting with a human’s cell-signaling system — their endocannabinoid system — by creating anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.

Are CBD gummies good at fighting inflammation?

Yes, CBD gummies have been shown to be beneficial for inflammation.

Although CBD gummies are relatively new to this market, their impact on the body is unmatched.

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