Country Singer Brad Paisley Takes Shot at President Trump During America's Got Talent Episode

July 17, 2019Jul 17, 2019

Country singer Brad Paisley, 46, made a special guest appearance on Tuesday night’s Judge Cuts episode of America’s Got Talent. It didn’t go unnoticed that he took a shot at President Donald Trump while he and the judges were preparing for the acts to perform.

When Paisley found out one of the acts was going to be an “Orange Magician” (below), the country star responded with, “Trump?” The rest of the judges, including Simon Cowell, chuckled at his comment.

AGT fans took note of Paisley’s critical remark. Many did not appreciate that he disrespected POTUS on an international television show. 

This isn’t the first time Paisley has taken at an aim at President Trump. At the 2017 Country Music Awards, he and co-host Carrie Underwood sang a spoof of her hit song “Before He Cheats” that targeted Trump’s character.

The lyrics said, “It’s fun to watch, that’s for sure, ‘til little rocket man starts a nuclear war. Then maybe next time he’ll think before he tweets.”

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