Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie In ‘Forbidden Romance’ On ‘Babylon’ Set?

Are you Brad Pitt Margot RobbieEngaged in a secret on set romance? One tabloid’s cover story claims Robbie is having an affair with the Fight Club star — and her husband doesn’t know a thing. Let’s check in on the Once Upon a Time, Hollywood co-stars

Brad Pitt ‘Falling In Love’ With Margot Robbie?

This week’s edition of In Touch According to reports, Brad Pitt is in decline Babylon co-star Margot Robbie, but there’s one thing keeping them apart: Robbie has a husband. The romantic tension is escalating now that Robbie and Pitt are reunited for their third film together. “Hollywood has gone into meltdown over rumors that he’s fallen for Margot,” an “industry source” dishes. “Reuniting on Babylon They are now closer together. They can’t stop themselves.”

While Pitt is trying to keep his infatuation with Robbie under wraps, it’s become an open secret on set. “Everyone knows what’s going on,” the tipster confides. “It’s hard for women to resist Brad, and Margo is just stunning. The fact that she’s unavailable probably makes her even more attractive to Brad. He can get anything he wants, so she’s a challenge to him.”

But Robbie’s husband, Tom Ackerley, isn’t dense. “He’s on edge about his wife and Brad working long hours on the set, and he’s gotten into enormous bust-ups with her about it,” the insider reveals. “Things between Margot and Tom got so heated that she said she wouldn’t take the role if it made him uncomfortable. He ultimately felt guilty, though, sucked it up and told Margot to go for it.”

But Ackerley isn’t the only one who’s uncomfortable. Apparently, Angelina Jolie, Pitt’s ex-wife, doesn’t like it either. “Angie doesn’t want Brad back, but it burns her to see him happy — and, suddenly, what they had wasn’t so unique.” Finally, the source relents, “Absolutely nothing may end up happening between them, but let’s put it this way — it wouldn’t be surprising if it did.”

Margot Robbie And Brad Pitt ‘Can’t Stop Themselves’?

This report is a complete bait and switch. While the cover promises Pitt and Robbie are in a “forbidden romance” and they “can’t stop themselves,” the actual article only claims that they mightbe flirting. The outlet even admits that Brad Pitt’s rep denied the story. While this tabloid certainly isn’t the first to start the rumor that Pitt has eyes for Robbie, there’s never been any evidence to support it. Pitt and Robbie are actors — and they’re some of the best at what they do. We seriously doubt they’re engaging in any kind of unprofessional behavior.

Besides, what kind of “industry insider” has the scoop about Pitt’s intimate feelings, Ackerley’s discomfort, and Angelina Jolie’s annoyance? This was an incredibly poor attempt to stir up drama, and we aren’t falling for it. It’s painfully obvious there was no story here, and we’re sure Robbie and Ackerley don’t appreciate such an insulting portrait of their marriage.

The Tabloid On Brad Pitt

This is not the first time. In Touch Brad Pitt was wrong, the outlet has proven wrong. The outlet reported last year that Jennifer Aniston was back with Brad Pitt. The tabloid then reported that Pitt and Aniston were working together on a secret project. The tabloid also reported that Pitt was allegedly dating Andra Day. Obviously, the tabloid has no insight into Pitt’s love life.