Boy Who Mowed White House Lawn Wrote to Obama Years Ago, Here Was His Response

September 16, 2017Sep 16, 2017

An 11-year-old boy who has his own lawn mowing business, Frank, made nationwide headlines recently after writing a letter to President Donald Trump, requesting to mow the White House lawn. In a White House press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders read Frank’s letter out loud and said it was their responsibility to “keep the American dream alive for kids like Frank.”

Trump accepted his request to highlight the importance of hard work and additionally, play a part in this young boy’s dream coming true. Frank finally fulfilled his task on Friday, September 15th, calling it the “best day of his life.”

After completing the lawn to the best of his ability, which Trump congratulated him on, the president happily welcomed him on a tour of the White House, including the infamous Oval Office. Trump even told Frank how special it was because not many people get to see that area of the White House.

In a later interview with Fox News, Franks revealed that he actually wrote a letter to former president Barack Obama years ago when he was in office. However, Obama did not give the same response that Trump did.

Frank said, “My last [letter], which went to President Obama, I got a letter back...but I knew it wasn’t handwritten, so I knew that this one was better when Sarah took it to the briefing room.”

Thanks to President Trump and other members of the Trump administration, Frank’s dream finally came true! Watch Frank’s interview on Fox News below.

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