Boy Lost His Parents Three Weeks Apart, Now Strangers are Giving an Amazing Gift

August 07, 2017Aug 07, 2017

During a tragic three weeks in May, 9-year-old Robbie Ecuyer lost both of his parents. The child has autism and was told that his parents had “gone over the rainbow bridge” to heaven. Now, strangers are giving Robbie an amazing gift- reminders of his parents.

Robbie’s mom, Shelly Ecuyer, was chronically ill with cystic fibrosis. Throughout Robbie’s life, his dad would prepare him for his mother’s death. He would tell his son that his mother would soon go over the rainbow bridge, a metaphor taken from “Dora the Explorer.”

On the day that his mom died in early May, Robbie saw a rainbow over his school. Crystal Skawinski, Shelly’s sister, said that it was as if Shelly was telling her son that she would always be there for him.

When Robbie’s dad died unexpectedly at the end of May, Skawinski told him that now both of his parents had gone over the rainbow to heaven. Since then, Robbie constantly searches the sky for rainbows.

During the first few weeks after his parents' death, Robbie was consistently greeted by rainbows in the sky. Then, the day came where there was no rainbow. Robbie waited for something to appear but was left in disappointment.

Skawinski said, “He came running out the door and when he didn’t see the rainbow, he was hurt and you could see the pain in his eyes.”

At that point, Robbie’s aunt knew she had to do something. She took to social media to ask her friends to send or post pictures of rainbows using the hashtag #rainbowsforrobby. She would then make a scrapbook and give them to Robbie as a reminder of his parents.

Since the post on July 24th, nearly 10,000 photos of rainbows with messages of support have been posted or sent to the family.


Skawinski said, “The response has been absolutely amazing, and it’s really touched our hearts that so many people reached out to Robbie. I feel like in one month Robbie lost his whole world and the next month, the whole world showed Robbie how much they loved him.”

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