Boy Born with Deformed Legs Displays His Unstoppable Dance Moves

June 20, 2017Jun 20, 2017

Born with deformed legs, a young boy from Zimbabwe was told by his doctors that he would never walk like a “normal child.” It didn’t stop him. The Good News Network decided to feature him in one of its stories.

Named Blessing Fire, the boy knew that it was in his soul to dance. As he aged, watching his older brother perform as a gymnast, he was inspired to perform feats of breakdancing, seemingly effortlessly.

He now teaches his award-winning moves to his own students, who have gone on to win trophies and awards of their own. His success wasn’t always apparent.

From an early age, his parents were concerned about the metal rod that had been drilled into his knee to hold his leg together. But Blessing figured that, since his legs were already broken, what would it hurt him anymore to explore himself on the dance floor?

He began to develop his repertoire at home. After years of practice, he can now spin with easy on his shoulders and back and use his powerful arms and hands to support himself. He’s even able to do a handstand with only one hand supporting himself, and can alter each hand easily.

He did not care, growing up, the pain involved needed to master his skills.

“It was the only thing that gave me a lot of joy and peace inside me,” he told video journalist Tendai Msiyazviriyo.

His abilities and hard work have helped him earn his living. Check out his life story here:

“If you want something you have to go for it, and you have to keep believing,” he said. “I’m sure you will make it.”