Boy Patiently Waits to Meet President Trump, His Reaction When Trump Sees Him is Priceless

May 30, 2018May 30, 2018

Wednesday, May 30th marked an important day for America as President Donald Trump signed the “Right to Try Act” into law. According to Fox News, the approved bill “allows those with potentially terminal diseases to try experimental treatments and bypass the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

"Today I am proud to keep another promise to the American people as I sign the Right to Try legislation into law," President Trump announced. "We're going to be saving tremendous numbers of lives."

"As I proudly sign this bill, thousands of terminally ill Americans will have the help, the hope and the fighting chance...that they will be cured, that they will be helped, that they will be able to be with their families...for a longer time,” Trump added. “But we’re able to give them the absolute best we have at this current moment, at this current second. We’re going to help a lot of people. It’s an honor to be signing this.”

During Trump’s official signing, a young boy stole the show in the background. The little boy can be seen on Trump’s left side, patiently waiting to meet the President of the United States and attempting to give him a hug several times.

At one point, the little boy went in for a hug tapping Trump on the back, but as the child noticed POTUS was about to speak again, he quickly stepped away — looking as if he didn’t want to interfere with the president’s important duties. Once Trump finally looked to his side and noticed him, he paused with a smile and pulled the little boy in closely.

The two shared a very special hug and Trump kissed him on the forehead before letting him go. The young boy looked so thrilled and relieved that he finally got the opportunity to meet President Trump!

Watch the video of their sweet moment below:

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