Boy raising money for soccer camp receives a big surprise from a stranger he couldn’t believe

A young soccer enthusiast was selling lemonade during a heatwave in order to raise funds to support his team’s trip to Portugal.

He was surprised when TikTok influencers saw him and offered to help him realize his soccer goals.


Austin Burke and Lexy Burke are familiar faces on the popular social media app TikTok. They are well-known for their charitable work, including giving back to the community of Nashville.

They were on their way to lunch when a young boy spotted them. He was selling lemonade by the side of a road in the middle of a heatwave.

Niko selling lemonade on the side of the road

The couple knew right away that the boy needed their help. They were so inspired by what they saw and posted his video on TikTok as a part of their “Venmo Challenge”, in which Lexy’s followers send money to her Venmo account.

She uses this money for tipping large amounts to servers, and to film their reactions.

Lexy gives Niko a huge tip for her lemonade

This time, they wanted to help the young boy named Niko, who didn’t mind the scorching heat of the sun to make some money.

He was told by the couple that they were going to the bank.

In less than 30 minutes, the couple had raised $500 for Niko. They had already collected $500 to gift Niko and, as they were heading to the lemonade stand to collect it, another person sent them $100. They wanted Niko to be surprised with their heartfelt gift which totalled $1,100.

Lexy Burke hugs Niko

When the couple came back to buy from the boy’s lemonade stand, Lexy asked Niko if he was trying to raise money for anything. He explained that he was a member of a soccer team and was invited to compete in Portugal.

Sadly, Niko’s family did not have a lot of money so he thought of setting up a lemonade stand to raise some funds.

He was shocked to learn that the couple had bought lemonade for three dollars from him. “We’re going to give you this,” Lexy said while giving Niko an envelope. “Keep the change.”

Lexy gives huge tip for her lemonade

Niko, who was just visiting Nashville, couldn’t believe it. “You guys just helped me go to Portugal.”

He called his father FaceTime to share the good news. He explained that he had just flown to Nashville from Washington D.C. after his father suffered a heart attack.

Niko and the Burkes

“There’s no reason I should have been here,” Niko said. “But it’s crazy that like I was here at this time.”

On the one hand, the couple was very happy and fulfilled that they made a difference in someone’s life again with the help of their followers.

Lexy Burke in her trendy outfit

“I’ve had a little over $400 in my Venmo from previous challenges and have been waiting for the right moment to surprise someone. As soon as we saw Niko, we knew we wanted to do anything we could to help him,” said Lexy.

“I’m so grateful that our paths crossed and that social media was able to help us share his story and be able to support someone that was working so hard and more than deserving.”

Austin shared that he’d always wanted to open a lemonade stand as he grew-up doing them with his sisters and brother.

Austin and Lexy Burke

“Seeing how hard this kid was working in 102-degree weather is a type of work ethic you can’t teach. Niko is an extraordinarily special kid with big dreams and that’s something Lexy and I understand all too well.” 

The Burkes were not the only ones to show their generosity. Since 2020, they have been participating in the Venmo Challenge, raising over $300,000.

This video shows how Niko was surprised by the Burkes with a tip that could change his life.