Bow Wow’s Baby Mama Claims He’s Blocked Her On Instagram

Olivia Sky, the mother to Bow Wow’s son says he has blocked her on Instagram.

“Never complain, but I am today. She wrote, “Then I’m gonna pray over it and let the go.” “It’s a bummer because I got food poisoning so badly. Can’t be in mommy-mode and throwing up everywhere. I’m blocked and can’t ask my daddy for help.

Olivia has already put Bow on blast in the past.

“I swear that I salute all real fathers!” The fathers who take care of their child and spend quality time with them. They are the ones who call and check in on their child on a daily basis. The ones who actually stand behind what they say. They are the ones who call to offer to take their child to the salon. The ones who pick up their child and get their hair cut when they are ready. (The ones with boys).