Bow Wow Says He Deserves To Be Honored At Hip Hop Awards + Claims A Documentary On His Life Will Drop Next Year

Bow Wow: He Deserves to Be Honored at Hip Hop Awards + Claims a Documentary On His Life Will Drop Next year

Bow WowWants BET to send him flowers!

This morning, Tuesday, December 14th, was earlier. Bow Wow (real name) Shad Moss) did a brief Q & A through social media. While the 34-year-old rapper only took questions for about 30 minutes, he caught many Twitter users’ attentions with one claim he made. Specifically, Bow Wow He tweeted that he believed BET should present him with flowers at the 2022 Hip Hop Awards.

In defense of this statement Bow Wow tweeted:

“Go look up my stats and see what I’ve done my whole career… and u tell me why it can’t be sooner.”

He also added:

“[BET is]My house. They had to create a show after me and named me after that ma***** we had labels calling them like ‘I need the Bow Wow treatment.’ I ran a network before I worked there. BET stands for BOW ENERTAINMENT TELEVISION. Hell you thought.”

Finally, he wraps up his remarks. Bow Wow wrote:

“I’m a vet. I’m nothing you will ever see. I have already worked 22 years. I’m 34. 24 years of a career is similar to most of the greats. I started young. I deserve mine broski. Needs that.”

These claims are not the only ones. Bow Wow also shared that he’s currently serving as the executive producer on two TV projects–including one involving his daughter, Shai Moss.

He revealed that he will continue to pursue acting roles and also stated that an HBO documentary on his life would be released next year!

His music career is his passion. Bow Wow According to the report, fans can expect new music to drop by 2022.

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