BOOM: Reporter Tries To Push Liberal Agenda On Rock Star Daryl Hall, Gets Shut Down Instantly

May 17, 2016May 17, 2016

The politically correct liberal agenda is going so far left that it is catching up to itself and chewing its own tail. The new agenda being pushed is “cultural appropriation,” which according to the Blaze is defined as the notion that white people should not pull from or use any inspiration from different cultures.


Musician Daryl Hall of “Hall and Oates” recently was interviewed by the uber-liberal publication Salon. During the interview, Hall was asked about “cultural appropriation” in regards to his style of music. Hall quickly shut down the interviewer’s agenda.

“Are you trying to say that I don’t own the style of music that I grew up with and sing?” Hall asked. “I grew up with this music. It is not about being black or white. That is the most naïve attitude I’ve ever hear in my life.”

Hall was not interested in the least to support the liberal push for re-segregation. “We live in America,” Hall said. “That’s our entire culture. Our culture is a blend. It isn’t split up into groups. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool, worse than a fall, a dangerous fool.”

Do you agree with Hall?