Bold Pastor Tells Celebrity Fiance: "Sex Is Not An Option"

November 08, 2018Nov 08, 2018

Wow, this is what we like to hear! Pastor Chad Johnson, from Arizona, told Destiny's Child singer Michelle Williams when they first started dating that sex before marriage was not an option.

Williams, who didn't always live a chaste life, has since become a believer and is a gospel singer, reveals the Christian Post. "When we started dating, Chad said, 'Sex is not an option,'" Williams said in a recent interview.

She added, "I'm not gonna go into marriage a virgin, I don't want anybody to think that I've been perfect but I felt this was so good because I don't feel pressure to have sex to keep a man and I've gotten different results."

"Everything works in my life, nothing is malfunctioning," Johnson joked, as he shared his passion for purity. "I really love him holding me, snuggling with me," Michelle shared. "He has spent a lot of time out with me in LA and I personally have had a hard time because I know we are not supposed to live together, so my sofa is his bed."

The couple is filming their premarital counseling in a new show called "Chad Loves Michelle." The idea came to them after they started counseling for their marriage (even before they were engaged!) and realized that not many couples do that anymore.

"We started pre-engagement counseling, even before we got engaged," the "Say Yes" singer explained. "When we started sharing with our friends about counseling we realized so many people do not do marriage counseling. We were like, 'OK, let's film ours in realtime with our real therapist and that's what we chose to do."

"We will be the guinea pig, we'll sit on the sofa and let everybody at home get their therapy through us," she continued. The couple will talk about everything from finances to communication and family.

Williams wants to really encourage people who are wanting to wait until marriage but are afraid they won't find a partner willing to have the same standards. "We have something to uphold. This is to anybody that wants to do their relationship, do something different to get what you've never had."

What do you think of Chad and Michelle's standard? Do you like it's a refreshing goal? Share your thoughts in the comments! Thank you!

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