Boise State Newspaper Refuses Christian Organization’s Ads, Calls Views ‘Unacceptable’

September 13, 2015Sep 13, 2015

‘Creation Summit’ is a Christian organization that goes around the country putting on free events that bring focus upon all of God’s creation.  One such event, the ‘Origin Summit’ is a free event scheduled to be held at Boise State University on September 14th and 15th

To bring awareness to their event, the group sought to place advertisements in the school newspaper.  The people in charge of the newspaper decided instead to use the opportunity to make a statement about Christianity and all people of faith.

According to a recent article, the ‘Creation Summit’ contacted Boise State University’s student newspaper, The Arbiter, seeking to buy advertisements for their ‘Origin Summit’.  Without even seeing the ads, the Arbiter refused to sell ad space to the Christian organization.

The Arbiter’s reason for shutting Creation Summit out of the newspaper?  They deemed Creation Summit’s “content” as not acceptable.  Since the Arbiter never saw any ads, one can only imagine if the content they viewed as unacceptable is either the content on Creation Summit’s website or the Bible.

Creation Summit Executive Director, Mike Smith, said “If the paper had said, ‘Sorry, our ad space was all sold-out,’ that would have been one thing.  But that’s not what they said.  They told us that our content wasn’t acceptable.  But they never saw an ad.  They saw our website and made a decision based on that.”

The Arbiter has contacted a lawyer to make sure they are within their legal rights to deny services to Creation Summit.  “The First Amendment right resides with the press in this case”, an Arbiter advisor said.

This legal form of intolerance is another sad example of how Christians are being persecuted throughout the country.  Hatred for Christians is no longer being disguised.  It is blatant and out in the open. 

The majority of people in the country that either identify as Christians or believe in God need to stand up for their faith.  Look how quickly the “law” and the mainstream media came down on Kim Davis for practicing her faith.  Or how Office Depot refused a Catholic customer because she wanted to print out a pro-life prayer flier.  Or how Chick-fil-A’s license at the Denver airport was held back because of the owner’s religious views.  Or how much hate was targeted towards Missouri state troopers for having “In God We Trust” decals on the back of their vehicles.  Or how atheist groups sent angry letters to a school in a different state because a football coach got baptized on the football field.  Or how Christian bakers and wedding venues have been fined and shut down for practicing their religion.  Or how the 10 commandments monuments and crosses are being removed nationwide.

If the 1st amendment protects the Arbiter in this case, it is also supposed to protect religious individuals who seek to exercise and live their faith.