Boeing Has Developed A Laser Cannon To Shoot Down Drones; Here's Why

September 04, 2015Sep 04, 2015

As drones increase in the skies, so does the risk of irresponsible people flying them into places into dangerous places.  There is even an increased concern about drones being used to carry chemical weapons and explosives, invading the White House's airspace (again), and getting in the way of manned aircraft near airports.


Now it's war.  According to Wired Magazine, Boeing has developed a laser cannon that can blast unwanted, unmanned aircraft out of the skies.  But if you're expecting a visible laser and an impressive fireball, you may be disappointed. The drone-killing laser canon instead uses an invisible beam to burn holes in the little aircraft, sending it spinning to the ground or obliterating it in the air.

Worried about a laser cannon operator missing and burning a hole in the second story of your house instead?  Boeing says that because the laser moves at the speed of light, the cannon has an accuracy range of one to two inches from where its reticule is aimed.  It's simply a matter of point and click.

Want to get a hold of one?  Sorry, you're probably out of luck.  Boeing is developing the weapon for the military, and it's unsure if even prisons and airports will be allowed to use them anytime soon.

In a related CNN story, a prison in Maryland managed to thwart a plot using a drone to deliver a handgun, drugs, and adult DVDs to prisoners.