Body of Missing Journalist Surfaces After Two Weeks

August 24, 2017Aug 24, 2017

On August 10th, Swedish journalist, Kim Wall, 30, disappeared. At the time of her disappearance, she was on the submarine of Danish inventor, Peter Madsen, who she was interviewing for an article.

Nearly two weeks later, a headless torso washed up on the shoreline of Copenhagen, Denmark. Danish police used DNA tests to confirm that the female torso was in fact Wall, reports People.

Yesterday, her mother, Ingrid Wall, posted on Facebook to confirm her daughter's death. She posted the tribute to her daughter on behalf of the whole family.

“It is with boundless sorrow and dismay that we received the news that the remains of our daughter and sister Kim wall have been found,” wrote Ingrid. “The scale of the disaster is not yet fully transparent, and there are still a number of questions to be answered.”

Her mom’s post continued: “During the horrific days since Kim disappeared, we have had countless evidence of how loved and appreciated she was, as well as human and friend as a professional journalist. From all corners of the world, evidence of Kim’s ability to be a person that makes a difference."

Wall's mother also highlighted her daughter's career as a freelance journalist. Wall had a remarkable academic and journalistic career; she studied at Columbia University in New York, the London School of Economics, and the Paris-Sorbonne University. She also wrote for periodicals such as The New York Times, Time magazine, The Guardian, and the South China Morning Post.

“She has found and told stories from different parts of the globe, stories that must be written," wrote her mother.

As of Thursday morning, Danish prosecutors are seeking a charge of murder against Madsen, 46. He previously was being held on a charge of involuntary manslaughter in Wall's death. He allegedly told police he buried Wall at sea after an accident on his privately-built submarine.

"Prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen said police expect to raise the preliminary charges against Madsen to murder and indecent handling of a corpse when he appears at a custody hearing in early September," reported the Independent.

Wall’s disappearance made international headlines, and her death has been described by one prominent local journalist as “the most spectacular murder case in Danish history,” according to The New York Times.

When a cyclist found Wall’s torso, which was missing arms and legs, the police noted that the limbs had been deliberately removed. They also found Wall's blood inside of the submarine. According to BBC reports, Danish police believe Madsen intentionally sank his submarine to hide the crime scene. Homicide investigators also found a piece of metal attached to the Wall's remains as if the murderer hoped to keep her body from floating.

It is unclear if Madsen has yet entered a plea in the case. However, a colleague of Wall's commented on the oddness of the situation; that she should disappear in a Western country at the hands of a famous man.

“There’s a dark irony in Kim, who traveled to North Korea and reported from Haiti, should disappear in Denmark...Perhaps it speaks to the vulnerability of female freelance journalists. To work alone and do everything.”

Please pray for Wall's family, friends, and boyfriend as they deal with her loss. Hopefully, the truth about her death will come out, and she and her family will receive justice. Also, be sure to read our latest story about a TV star who has been given a 3% chance to live

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