Body of Educator Found Dead in the Amazon River, Now Police Found Cryptic Tweet

September 22, 2017Sep 22, 2017

A former educator has been found dead in the Amazon River and the circumstances surrounding her death are troubling. Emma Kelty was a former British principal who decided to leave her job so she could travel.

Previously, Kelty had skied to the South Pole and hiked over 2,600 miles in the United States. Her latest mission was to explore the Amazon River in a kayak, alone.

Kelty was 43 years of age. We are now learning that was killed after being robbed then dumped in the Amazon River, according to reports. Police have been investigating her murder and as of now, they have arrested three suspects, including a teenager.

Police have since learned of a cryptic tweet Kelty posted that may lead them to her killers. They are currently investigating it.

The teenager has confessed that he was with six other people who shot Kelty and dumped her in the water. At this time, the suspects were trying to steal her electronic devices as their motive.

Please join us in praying for the family of this poor woman! Keep them in your prayers for God’s healing grace tonight. Also, be sure to read our latest article about the Hollywood actress who just died from a drug overdose at age 44.

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