Search for Missing Young Woman Comes to Tragic Ending, Please Send Prayers

March 11, 2019Mar 11, 2019

A tragic ending has just been reported in the story of a missing young woman in Central America. After an extensive search to find the 23-year-old British backpacker who disappeared in Guatemala, officials have confirmed they have found her body.

"We are now able to confirm that the body found in the search in Guatemala is that of missing Catherine Shaw," the Lucie Blackman Trust tweeted on Monday. The organization earlier tweeted that a body had been found in the search for Shaw, but the body had not yet been positively identified.

Shaw was from Whitney, England and had been staying close to Guatemala City when she went missing. She was last seen leaving her hotel early on Tuesday morning. Her parents, who were obviously very worried about their young daughter, desperately tried their best to keep the faith that they would be reunited.

"She has always been really good about keeping in touch and informing us of her whereabouts and activities," Shaw’s parents said in a statement released by the Trust. "So this is unusual behavior which gives us great concern for her safety. Please help us to find her."

Shaw had been traveling since September by herself. Her family informed reporters that she had previously visited Mexican and California before entering Guatemala.

She was last seen under some suspicious circumstance. Investigators are trying their best to piece together what happened to her and to find out exactly how, and why, she died.

"Shaw was spotted on surveillance video leaving Hotel Mayachik with a musical instrument at 1:37 a.m. on March 5 and returned nearly four hours later before walking out again toward Lake Atitlan," BBC News reported.

She had also been seen on the surveillance footage leaving the hotel with a puppy. The puppy was found a short while later at a popular local trail head. Shaw's body was discovered days later. Mysteriously, she had left all of her belongings in her hotel room. There has been no word yet on how she died.

Please join us in keeping this family in our prayers.

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