Fans Say Tearful Goodbye to Beloved Anchor with 40+ Year Career, 'End of an Era'

June 26, 2019Jun 26, 2019

Sports fans were upset on Wednesday morning to learn some sad news. Beloved ESPN anchor Bob Ley is officially retiring.

Ley is the longest-tenured anchor at ESPN. CNN calls him a "journalistic legend," and thousands of people around the United States would agree with that statement. In his announcement, Ley wanted to be clear to assure people that this was his choice.

Ley released a statement about his decision.

He said, "Across 40 years I have enjoyed a professional journey unimaginable when I joined ESPN on its first weekend of existence in 1979. Each day since has been a unique adventure,  one I embraced for the challenge and unequaled fun of a job like no other."

He continued, "Now, it is time for a change. I will be retiring from ESPN, as of the end of the month. To be clear, this is entirely my decision. I enjoy the best of health, and the many blessings of friends and family, and it is in that context that I'm making this change."

Ley originally joined ESPN in 1979 when the network first launched. He has been with the network ever since. His best-known work was his investigative news show, "Outside the Lines."

Ley said, "In September, I signed off my last show saying, 'I'll catch you on the flip side.' Now it's time to take that vinyl off the turntable (ask your folks), flip it over, and drop the needle on the B-side. There are always great cuts, and hidden gems on the B-side. Thank you for a great run."

ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro spoke out about Ley's departure.

He said, "The standard of excellence that has become a hallmark of ESPN began in the early days when we were a start-up with a bold vision. Bob was there for all of it and, over the years, his unwavering commitment and unparalleled work ethic drove our journalistic ambitions. The best way we can thank Bob for what he's meant to ESPN and to sports fans is to continue to uphold the journalistic integrity and principles he's instilled in ESPN for nearly 40 years."

Many people are calling Ley's departure the "end of an era."

What do you think about Ley's decision to retire from ESPN? Will you miss him? Let us know your thoughts! In other recent news, a famous Soap actor just passed away after a "massive stroke" at 73. Keep his family in your prayers.