Famous Musician Behind Iconic 1970s Hit Songs Passes Away

April 24, 2018Apr 24, 2018

A famous musician passed away on Monday afternoon. Bob Dorough died at his home in Mt. Bethel, Pennsylvania. He was 94 years old.

While a lot of people don't recognize his name, most everyone knows Bob's songs. He was the man behind the iconic children's songs named Schoolhouse Rock! The educational cartoons and songs helped thousands of kids improve their grammar skills.


He began his music career while working in the army. He was a composer, arranger and player in the Special Services Army Band between 1943 and '45, before getting a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of North Texas.

His work was known throughout the world. One of his songs was even recorded by the legendary singer Miles Davis.



He most recently performed just three weeks ago, despite his age. Please join us in praying for his family as they mourn his loss.

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