Boardwalk Suddenly Collapses Leaving More Than 300 People Injured, Prayers Needed

August 13, 2018Aug 13, 2018

On Sunday evening around midnight local time, a boardwalk filled with hundreds of people suddenly collapsed in northwest Spain. The unexpected incident, which occurred following a three-day weekend festival, left more than 300 people injured.

The 130-foot boardwalk reportedly contained “many young people” at the time of the collapse, although the exact ages of the victims are not clear. At least five people were seriously injured and their condition was immediately unknown; however, their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

One spokesperson told USA Today the collapse likely occurred as a result of “structural problems” and " excessive weight."

A witness gave more insight into the chaos of the scene, "It broke and we all fell. People fell on me. I had trouble getting out. I was trying to get out and skidded, my foot got stuck, in the water.”

“I got it out. A boy gave me his hand and I got out. I felt paralyzed and I left. There was a girl with blood on her head," the witness added.

Watch the CBS New video below for more details on this developing story:

Please keep the injured victims in your prayers. In other breaking news, a mysterious mass explosion left 39 people dead including several children.