Bloomberg: How Mexico May Be Trying To Influence The U.S. Vote AGAINST Trump

March 21, 2016Mar 21, 2016

Is Mexico trying to influence the U.S. vote against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump?


Bloomberg Business is certainly suggesting that. In a story posted Sunday, they report that Mexican diplomats are "mounting an unprecedented effort" to get legal Mexican residents in the U.S. to be naturalized so they can vote. And Bloomberg assumes the majority would vote against Trump.

Free naturalization workshops in the U.S. hosted by Mexican diplomats have drawn hundreds of people. Mexican consulate spokesman Adrian Sosa insists that his country is not trying to influence new voters on how to vote but does admit that community organizers at the events give people voting advice.

The former spokesman of Citigroup Inc's Mexico Unit Paulo Carreno sees a less official effort underway, saying that Mexican influence on academia and arts in America is intended to "not to influence an election, but a whole generation and those that follow."

A Pew Research Study shows that about half of the 12 million Mexican citizens living in the U.S. are here legally, and around 2.7 million of them can apply for U.S. citizenship.

Princeton University professor Julian Zelizer views these efforts in a positive light, saying, "Trump is exactly the kind of Republican who could mobilize legalized immigrant voters and others sympathetic to liberalized immigration policy. This has been one issue where he has not been very vague and taking an extremely tough and aggressive stance. I suspect that if he was the nominee you could see very high turnout in certain states for Democrats as a result of this issue."

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