BLM Activists SPUR ON Black Woman Wanting To DIE In Police Shooting

August 03, 2016Aug 03, 2016

The mainstream media has been reporting in their headlines that a black woman has been shot and killed by police and her 5-year-old child injured, but when you read the actual stories, you learn the frightening account of a Black Lives Matter activist whose zeal was so great that she was willing to sacrifice everything in order to advance her cause.

According to NBC News, the events that led up to Monday's fatal shooting in Baltimore began when 23-year-old vocal activist Korryn Gaines filmed herself in March after being pulled over for having a missing license plate and a warrant on numerous charges.

On the video that Korryn posted in hopes of it going viral, she could be seen talking to the camera and saying, "These [expletive] [cops] are going to see a fight today. They're going to have to kill me."

She can then be seen leaning past an infant to tell her 5-year-old son in the backseat to resist police officer's orders and fight them. A witness told WBALTV 11 what happened next.

Korryn then placed the two kids in the car on her lap, possibly as a human shield. Police officers were able to pull the kids away from her and arrest her as she kicked and screamed. During the arrest, she could be heard yelling at her boy to bite the officers.

On Monday, officers approached Korryn's apartment to serve both her and her live-in boyfriend warrants. Korryn refused to answer and instead began taking a livestream video of herself that appeared in real time on social media. She could be seen loading a Mossberg 12-gauge pistol grip shotgun and brainwashing her 5-year-old into thinking the police were there to murder them. During the long standoff, her boyfriend fled the house with an infant and was arrested.

During this time, viewers of Korryn's livestream video encouraged her to resist the officers outside and not comply with their orders. Facebook soon took down the video.

Korryn repeatedly pointed her gun at her son and at police outside her door, telling them "If you don't leave, I'm going to kill you."

An officer opened fire, and Korryn shot back, igniting a shootout. No officers were hit, but Korryn was shot to death. Her son was hit as well but is in good condition. It was has been determined whose bullet hit him.

Black Lives Matter activists on social media were quick to call Korryn a martyr and a victim.

"Speak up for #KorrynGaines or don't speak up at all. If you need a saint to support dead victims, we're all doomed," said Twitter user @XLNB.

According to WBALTV 11, Korryn suffered from lead poisoning that affected her decision-making abilities.