After Taking a Tumble on Stage, Blake Shelton Fires Back at Fan

July 16, 2018Jul 16, 2018

Country music superstar Blake Shelton is making headlines after his concert last Saturday night. The singer was in Pendelton, Oregon when he took a tumble on stage while performing his concert.

Following the concert, Shelton posted on Twitter asking for someone in attendance to post a video of him falling. Of course, fans were quick to share their footage.

While some fans took his on-stage stumble as humorous, others didn't take it as lightly. After Shelton admitted that "yes I had been drinking. A lot," there was a mixed response between well-wishes and criticism for drinking too much.

One upset concert-goer took to Twitter to share her take on this incident, calling his actions "nonsense."

Shelton fired back with his response, “Oh I’m sorry ma’am… This account is meant for people who actually have a sense of humor.. We’re not accepting cry baby tweets today.. Maybe try again tomorrow!”

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