Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani Allegedly Fighting Over His Weight And Baby Plans, Latest Rumors Claim

Blake SheltonAnd Gwen Stefani are two of Hollywood’s most noteworthy newlyweds. All eyes are on the couple. Voice stars to see what they’ll do next. Are there any children in the future? Are they even compatible? Here are some stories Gossip CopThese bickerings were common during the honeymoon phase.

‘Doughy’ Blake Shelton Needs To Lose Weight

The blazing story of the National EnquirerShelton was quickly gaining weight. He had lost weight for the wedding but now he can eat whatever he likes. “Gwen doesn’t like to henpeck him, but she worried about the effect this could have on his health. He’s a big guy at a precarious age, so stuffing his face is scary in her view — not to mention a turn-off, especially as he doesn’t often floss,” an insider says. Shelton lacks discipline, and an onlooker called him “sweaty and doughy.”

Is Shelton inflating like a balloon. What’s the deal with the flossing part? Read our breakdown to find out more.

Looking Real ‘Blubbery’

The following story is similar: Globe reported that Shelton’s weight was getting out of control much to Stefani’s displeasure. “Blake’s main problem area is his gut. It doesn’t help that he’s strictly a meat and potatoes guy,” an insider says. He is a huge fan of carbs and will not eat junk food. The source continues, “Blake figures lipo is damage control. He doesn’t really want to do it, but he’s consoling himself that it’s standard behavior in LA celeb circles. Now that he’s living there full-time, he may as well join the lipo party!” With such a busy schedule, where would Shelton even find the time to go and workout?

This was a pretty direct attack on Shelton’s appearance, so was it even slightly accurate? Head over here to find out what’s really going on.

Are there Baby Plans?

Per Us WeeklyStefani and Shelton could not agree on children. A source says, “Blake’s pumping the brakes on getting a surrogate to have a baby with Gwen” because the process became too hard. Stefani is “distressed by this decision,” an insider says. “She feels like he’ll regret not having biological kids.” Shelton’s also grown so busy with his wife that he’s neglecting his friends. A source concludes, “He hasn’t been hanging out with his local friend as much these days.”

Is this reliable information? Is anyone really able to know what Shelton or Stefani are up to? Check out our investigation here and discover what’s going on.

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