Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Allegedly Heading For $230 Million Divorce Seven Months After Wedding, Gossip Says

Are You Blake Shelton Gwen StefaniAre you ready to give up? One tabloid claims married life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for the newlyweds. Here’s the latest gossip about the Voice co-stars-turned-couple.

‘Honeymoon’s Over’ For Shelton And Stefani?

The latest edition National Enquirer According to reports, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are having trouble making their relationship work after the marriage was officially sworn. Friends of the couple fear that a $230million divorce is in the cards. “They’ve been fighting about almost everything since the wedding!” an insider exclaims. It seems that some of their problems stem from the day they should have been enjoying their best day.

“Blake had constructed a chapel on the grounds and hired a yacht to take the guests out on their lake for a romantic wedding cruise,” a tipster dishes. “But in the end, they only had 30 people and he was deeply frustrated and disappointed.” And Stefani, a devout Catholic, was hoping for a more traditional ceremony. “[She] feels he doesn’t take her religion seriously enough!” the snitch confides.

But the couple’s problems extend far beyond mismanaged nuptials. “Gwen is a city girl and hates being stuck in the country just to please Blake,” whispers the source. “She’s tired of sitting and watching Blake lounge around with his country music pals and piling on the pounds.” And Blake is sick of hearing about Stefani’s aspirations to collaborate with younger male artists like The Weeknd, Tyga, and Harry Styles.

Finally, an insider revealed one of the most devastating blows Stefani has received. The singer was reportedly hoping to have a child with Shelton by now but Shelton is dragging his feet. “It’s just another brick on the emotional pile,” the source reveals. “Their friends are concerned a divorce might be right around the corner!”

Divorce ‘Right Around The Corner’?

We aren’t buying this story. First of all, photos of Blake Shelton (and Gwen Stefani) from their wedding day show them happier and more joyful than ever. On Instagram, Stefani called her wedding a “dream come true.”

Shelton also fondly shared snaps from their special day, calling Stefani his “better half.” It’s bewildering to suggest that either Stefani or Shelton has any regrets over their wedding day.

Their relationship seems to have grown stronger since they got married. While they only recently tied the knot, they’ve been together for over six years. We’re sure they’re on the same page about the kind of life they want to have together, and they likely have been for a long time.

Stefani’s Instagram profile shows just how much closer they’ve gotten since their wedding day. Since there’s absolutely no evidence to back up this tabloid’s story, we’re left to believe it was all just mindless gossip.

The Tabloid on Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the National Enquirer‘s past reports on the couple. The outlet claimed that Shelton and Stefani were looking to Nicole Kidman or Keith Urban for advice on surrogacy. The magazine claimed that Shelton and Stefani were at the brink of divorcing due to their busy schedules. And more recently, the publication alleged Stefani was racing Shelton’s ex-wife, Miranda Lambert, to see who would have a baby first. Evidently, the National Enquirer doesn’t have a shred of insight into Shelton or Stefani’s lives.

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