Black Woman Shares How The Transgender "Civil Rights" Comparison Makes HER Feel

March 20, 2017Mar 20, 2017

The transgender and homosexual movement is being compared to the Civil Rights movement for racial equality. But how does that make many black people feel?

Short answer: not good. At a recent town hall meeting in West Virginia to discuss a "surprise" transgender ordinance that would make it discriminatory to disallow men in women's facilities, concerned citizens came out in record numbers to show their disapproval.

One black woman's passionate comments were the most powerful of the meeting, as shared by Life Site News.

"I wanted you to know (that) as a black person, I take offense to all of those who are talking about the Civil Rights Movement, comparing homosexuals and interracial marriage," Parkersburg resident Diane Wooten said.  

"I take offense at that, because they are two different issues totally. Everyone thinks you ought to (equate) those two things. They are totally different."

The number of dissenting citizens was so powerful that the board decided to table (or postpone judgement on) the ordinance. To many, it shows the incredible voice concerned citizens actually do have when they join in unity.

In fact, a similar transgender ordinance was passed in another republican-oriented area mainly because Republicans lacked unity. Columbus, Indiana Mayor Jim Lienhoop explained, "Republicans don't speak with one voice on this issue."

But they certainly spoke with one voice in West Virginia. What do you think of Diane Wooten's powerful statement on the transgender issue being compared with African-American Civil Rights movement?

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