Black Pastor UNLOADS On How Hillary Is Insulting The Black Community

August 29, 2016Aug 29, 2016

Who's the racist? Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? For Pastor Darrell Scott, the answer is clear. Watch as he unloads on how Hillary is insulting the black community.

(Note: Pastor Scott begins speaking at 0:53)

Pastor Scott: "One thing you have to understand, when Donald Trump calls Hillary a bigot — bigotry does not always manifest as hatred. Bigotry can be manifested with kindness and niceness. For Hillary Clinton to imply or insinuate consistently that she has to reach down to help African-Americans, she considers African-Americans to be inferior to her. She considers African-Americans to be inferior to her and as needing her help.

Sean Hannity: I want to ask, why is it that Al Gore, why is it that Hillary Clinton, and even I've noticed with Barack Obama, if they speak before predominantly black audiences, why does their tone, their pitch, and their cadence shift like this?

(Video plays of Hillary speaking in a very different accent)

Sean: Is that pandering, pastor? That seems like it's pandering to me.

Scott: She pantomimes us, she's insulting us, she might as well put on blackface.

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