Black Pastor: Trump Will Benefit Black Community More Than Obama Ever Did; Here's How

August 30, 2016Aug 30, 2016

Pastor and televangelist Mark Burns has a strong message for the black community in America: Donald Trump will big a bigger benefit to you than Barack Obama ever was.

The Trump supporter delivered a litany of amen-inducing remarks on a SiriusXM Breitbart News Daily segment yesterday.

With Trump, Burns said, “It’s about problem-solving. It’s not about pandering after a race, just for your vote. It’s about identifying a problem, creating a solution, and then going straight to the problem, instead of all the theatrics that many politicians do — the photo ops, and just to say ‘hey, I care,’ when they really don’t care. You know, give a heartwarming speech, and then get your vote, then leave you, like the Clintons and the Democrat Party have done."

But Burns says that unlike Democrats, Trump isn't specifically pandering to the black community. He says his plans — especially his economic ones — for America will help all communities in poverty regardless of skin color.

“We need jobs," Burns said. "Poverty don’t know any color."

“You’re going to hear how he’s really concerned about the educational system, and why our children, in many urban communities, are failing," Burns explained. "They’re doomed to fail the day they enter the school system, because the public schools are so under-performing. And Donald Trump is saying, we’ve got to give parents the right to choose schools.”

Burns described Trump has a compassionate man who doesn't carefully tailor his words like conventional candidates.

"He is not your polished politician. And he is doing things that reflect, directly, his heart, and not necessarily a political party’s agenda. So Donald Trump is going out to the African-American community, unlike any other Republican candidate has ever done before.”

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