Black Pastor Rips Hillary For ‘Dividing And Conquering’ America Through Race-Baiting

August 25, 2016Aug 25, 2016

Mark Burns, a prominent Black pastor called out Hillary Clinton for the Democratic policies and agendas being promoted by her and her party that harm minorities rather than help them. 

Pastor Burns is also a Trump supporter and regularly comes into contact with minorities who are also Trump supporters. According to the Daily Caller, Burns believes the media would be shocked to learn that many Black people and Hispanic people are also Trump supporters. “They understand that with the Democratic party, they have been getting a bad deal,” Burns explained.

“Hillary Clinton is continuously using the race-baiting objective to divide and conquer,” Burns continued. “Put Blacks in one place, put Hispanics in one place. Put other ethnic groups in one place and instead of bringing us together as the United States of America, they’re consistently dividing and conquering us. Getting us to focus on the color of our skins and not the color of the red, white, and blue of America.”

Do you agree with Pastor Burns?